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Karen Snyder, Platform Visionary & UI Designer

Transmedia Story Stream is a revolutionary platform, which blends Facebook video game mechanics with narrative to allow authors to  BUILD, DISTRIBUTE, and ENGAGE fans in multi-media story worlds.


Instead of a downloading a static, dead ePub, readers can log onto story worlds that are alive with fans and friendship and earn rewards while reading. The platform “gamifies” reading with an invitation to users: Don't just read a story--play it!


Transmedia Story Stream is a revolutionary new platform that allows storytellers to create story worlds that can include written word (READ), video (WATCH), audio (LISTEN), casual video games (PLAY), and live events (GATHER).


Transmedia Story Stream is being built as an HTML5-secure streaming platform. Story worlds can be viewed on any connected device, mobile or tablet.



The Transmedia Story Stream platform is open to both indie storytellers and publishing firms.


“As a rule, we tend to shy away from transmedia software endorsements, but after examining your product, it’s clear that you are enhancing personal artistic expression, the storytelling itself. The platform is among the clearest and most user-friendly interfaces I’ve seen.”


Jeff Gomez,

World Renowned Transmedia Producer & Co-Founder of Starlight Runner Entertainment

“Very few book readers only consume books for entertainment. Within the video game world, the fastest growth is in casual video games, which accounts for over $8 billion in sales. By mixing the two industries together--that is a radical concept! My transmedia students are future storytellers. This platform will allow them, along with other creators, the ability to forge new frontiers in creativity.”


Prof. Phil Snyder,

Instructional Assistant Professor of Digital Media, University of Houston

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Launch Authors


Colleen Gleason

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

of paranormal romance and historical novels.

Liz Matis

Amazon and Nook bestselling author of fun, flirty, and fiery sport romance romps.

JoAnn Smith Ainsworth

Author of romance and paranormal suspense that feature ordinary people making courageous choices.

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