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Match gems and flowers to unite the souls of Lord Gray and Scarlet Ruby.

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Your story world has game mechanics that include points, collecting, rewards and badges all throughout every section. This is powerful, but some storytellers, like me, want to dive even deeper and provide in-depth video games that feature classic, deeper game play. A Match 3  (like Candy Crush), or a Hidden Object game (like Gardens of Time), require deeper game mechanics than the simpler mechanics used throughout the story world.


To offer you the ability to create a video game means I have to offer a game engine that you can place your art, animations, sounds, inside of to "reskin" so that your game matches your world. Outside of the issue of the type of game engine, the engines  ll have to tie data back into the story world so that when your fans collect currency or points, they are posted to the story world leader board.


Since it takes a lot to develop a quality game engine with a drag and drop interface, no coding required, this feature set will be one of the LAST to be created--unless a whole bunch of storytellers tell me that they also want to develop video games on top of their book.

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